JobTarget Analytics

Measure. Analyze. Optimize.

JobTarget Recruitment Analytics provides the knowledge you need to be a better recruiting organization. This system will show you what is working and what is not.

Answer key questions, such as:

  • Where are my recruitment dollars being wasted?
  • What is the best job site for this position?
  • How can we improve time-to-fill?
  • Which types of candidates are on mobile?
  • Which job sites are producing applicants and which are producing the hires?

Standard reports include:

  • Job-Level Campaign Reports
  • Media Performance Reports
  • Posting Performance Reports
  • Candidate Flow Analysis

With these reports you can do things such as a run side-by-side comparisons of job sites, or quickly glance at the types of positions that do well and those that don't. Additionally, each and every report can be exported as a JPEG or PDF to be shared with management or the team.

Stop operating in the dark and begin measuring, analyzing and optimizing your efforts!

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